eSky Wallet: what is it and what benefits does it have?

eSky Wallet: what is it and what benefits does it have?

What is eSky Wallet?

eSky Wallet is a new solution that was created as an answer to the needs reported by our customers. Thanks to it, our passengers, who apply for a refund for the unused flight ticket, may obtain the funds faster, as a top-up to the digital wallet. Funds in the eSky Wallet can also be obtained by participating in promotional campaigns organized by eSky. Thanks to eSky Wallet, you can collect funds for the next travels and use them at eSky for 24 months since the top-up. All the cash collected on eSky Wallet can be used to book airline tickets or stays as well as to organize travel by booking Flight+Hotel package. 

eSky Wallet – benefits for the passenger

What benefits can a passenger get when choosing eSky Wallet? First of all, they will receive funds to be used on eSky. This can be a quick way to receive a refund for an unused ticket for a flight that has been canceled by the airline or it can be the result of participating in a promotional campaign. This means that the collected funds, after the passenger confirms the use of the eSky Wallet, are made available in a personal electronic wallet. Moreover, a passenger who receives a quick refund for an unused flight ticket may receive additional financial benefits as part of eSky Wallet - a refund for the additional services purchase (excluding insurance and the AirHelp+ service) as well as a bonus. 

The collected amount can be used to book any flight ticket, stay, or an attractive Flight+Hotel package at eSky for the next 24 months since receiving the confirmation of top-up. Thanks to this, planning of the travel is flexible, safe and gives plenty of possibilities of choosing the most suitable option, and the eSky Wallet funds can be even used to plan the next year’s holidays! To do this, simply log in to Your eSky account and then select the eSky Wallet as the payment method when booking the air ticket.

What if the funds collected on eSky Wallet, received as a refund for the unused booking, are not used within 24 months? After the 24 month time period, the passenger may for one extra month apply to have the refund sent to the bank account in the amount originally granted by the airline (without the equivalent of additional service and the bonus). In the case of receiving funds to the eSky Wallet as part of promotional campaigns, it is not possible to transfer them from the electronic wallet to your bank account. If the funds collected are not used, they will disappear from the wallet after the top-up expiry date.

Remember that the eSky Wallet is available as part of Your eSky account. In the case of a single promotional campaign, the participant can only get one top-up by providing an email address that is or will be their login to Your account.

What do eSky customers get?

  • Faster refund to the digital wallet.
  • Possibility of using collected funds to buy any flight ticket, stay or Flight+Hotel package at eSky.
  • Possibility of using collected funds for 24 months since the eSky Wallet top-up.
  • Possibility of multiple uses of the collected funds granted by the airline.
  • Possibility of getting a refund for unused funds granted by the airline for the unused booking after 24 months.

How can I use eSky Wallet?

How to use eSky Wallet currently? eSky customers receive the option to use this option via e-mail. After confirming, the individual digital eSky Wallet is topped-up with the particular amount. The top-ups can be used to buy flight tickets or stays and to book Flight+Hotel packages for 24 months since the date of the top-up confirmation. Airline tickets as well as stays can be paid in full or partially using the funds collected in the eSky Wallet when booking them on the website. To do this, log in to Your eSky account. In the case of Flight+Hotel packages, after selecting the appropriate option, please contact us by phone and notify us of your wish to pay for the reservation using the funds from eSky Wallet. During this call, the consultant will ask you for the e-mail address that you used to sign up for eSky Wallet.

Want to learn more about eSky Wallet? Check the Terms and Conditions!

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