Insurance of costs of trip cancellation in case of emergency situations

Insurance of costs of trip cancellation in case of emergency situations

Insurance of cancellation fees will secure you in case of an emergency or unexpected change in plans when a scheduled flight will not be possible. In this situation, the Insurer will refund the entire amount you spent on the ticket purchase.


The insurer bears liability up to the sum insured indicated in the insurance documents, however, up to the equivalent value of 5,000 EUR.

What does insurance cover?

The insurer shall reimburse the costs by the Insured due to the cancellation of the flight ticket if it results from the following reasons:

  • If an unfortunate accident resulting in immediate hospitalization of the Insured or resulting in significant limitations of the Insured’s self-reliant mobility;
  • If  the insured has a sudden serious illness, requiring immediate hospitalization and without recovering until the Insured's planned trip,
  • If the insured family member has a sudden serious illness or an unfortunate accident in which it requires immediate hospitalization and without recovering on time for the trip. Also if the situation requires the Insured's presence on the territory of the Republic of Poland or the Insured's country of permanent residence,
  • If a sudden illness or an unfortunate accident of  the insured family member causing significant limitation of self- reliant  mobility (ie. inability to move or self-service without the help of other people during the planned departure period) at which the presence of the Insured is required on the territory of the Republic of Poland or country of residence, confirmed by a medical practitioner.
  • If you have a pregnancy at risk, complications related to the pregnancy of the Insured or the Insured's spouse/partner, resulting in at least one week of hospitalization in the period of a foreign trip or within  7 days immediately preceding the departure date. The Insurer is liable for premature delivery of the Insured or the Insured's spouse who is a co-participant in the Insured's journey. The Insurer's liability, for this reason, occurs under the condition, that at the time of the contract the insured and/or spouse of the Insured was at the maximum 8 weeks pregnant, or given the situation in which the course of events become the  reason for canceling the airline ticket  which occurred no later than before the end of the 24th week of pregnancy,
  • Death of the insurer or family member. 
  • Facing a serious unplanned incident  at your permeant residence  on the territory of the Republic of Poland or a country of permanent residence resulting from fire, natural disasters or being a result of a crime,  in which it requires the insured's personal presence,
  • Documented theft of documents necessary for travel, eg. passport, ID card, entry visa - provided that the theft took place within a maximum of 14 days preceding the date of departure and was reported to the appropriate authorities
  • Theft or fire of a vehicle belonging to the Insured in the Insured's place of residence,Which causes a necessity to complete administrative and legal actions that requires the insured to be present at the country of residence.  Supposing that the event occurred within 14 days immediately preceding the date of departure.

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