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Cheap flights - how to find them?

Flying can be pretty expensive, that's why everybody wants to know how to fly cheap.
Learning a few tricks can save you up a chunk of you budget! So, how to find cheap flights?

  • First of all, plan ahead. A few months of advance can make a big differwnt in pricing. You might catch a last-minute cheap flight here and there but as a general rule of thumb early booking of flight tickets, give you a better chance of paying less. Reason? The owners of the popular airlines are aware of the fact that when your mind's made up about the date of flight, you don't have much choice but to buy the seat on a plane, no matter the price. If you haven't had an opportunity to look four your flight earlier, try using a search engine with funcionalities allowing to separate the outcomes into price ranges, 'deals' etc. or seats availability.

  • When can we expect flight tickets to be the cheapest? Statistics show that there's not much point in booking airline tickets on Saturdays, and even less on Sundays. Most people have time to do their searches then thus arlines tend to stick higher prices to their flights. Instead try in the morning od the middleweek. It can be useful to install a cheap flights search application on your mobile to give you notifications. Otherwise, try to stay flexible about departure time and date. It might as well happen that a great deal of a flight will be available to you the day before your ideal departure date.

  • Another tip is to follow low-cost airlines offering cheaper flights than their competition. Which arilines are worth checking? Cheap airline rankings list carriers such as Singapore Airlines, Norwegian, EasyJet, Eurowings, Wizz Air, and NIKI. These offer the cheapest airlines tickets. So the secret knowledge of when to buy airline tickets has been absorbed, now you need to know where to look for information about discounts.

Cheap flights, where to find them?

Three most popular ways to find for cheap flight tickets include:

  • Following the offers of individual airlines. Yes, it's time-consuming and not very comfortable. This can be done both by checking prices listed on their websites or getting infotmation via email by subscribing to newsletters, which gives you heads up about new deals. If you constantly travel with the same airline, you may want to become a club member although this method also takes up a lot of time.

  • Joining a collective like travelers' community is a great way to finding cheap flights because travellers like to share their information about found deals. They use various groups on Facebook and forums to publish information about deals. Joining such group is free and gives you much insight. However, it's not a guarantee it will give you It's more of a way to look for last-minopportunity to find cheap flight for a certain date. It's more of a place to look for weekend deals and random last minutes.

  • The last but not least is a method of using the best cheap flights search engines. This saves you a lot of time. How does it work? Search engines gather information from several hundreds carriers and make data available in one place. Different offers can be compared easily, for example, where can I fly cheap from Singapore or what are the prices of airline tickets to Kuala Lumpur. Now let's get into details and check out how to use cheap airlines search engines and book flight tickets?

Cheap flights - how to search for them?

To find flight tickets available for your selected dates on eSky, you should first determine some basic infoarmation.

  • First select if it's goinf to be one-way, round trip, low-cost call or a multi-city journey – which one interests you the most? On that note we must add that the latter is usually the most effective in getting you the cheapest price of tickets. Select your ariports of departure and arrival, pick time and dates, additional details are required when you select a round trip (arrival date). Enter number of passengers travelling with you including their age (babies, childres, teenagers, adults). Finally book class choosing from economy, economy premium business or first.

  • Once all required details have been provided, just click “search” button. The search will be carried out automatically and availability of offers meeting your criteria will be presented. What you will see as the results of search will be the airline name, departure and arrival time, complete travel time, departure and arrival airports, the price per person and information about possible transfers. You will be able to readthrough booking conditions.

  • You can be surprised by multiplicity of results. In such case feel free to filter it. eSky cheap flight search engine gives you possiblity to filter by limiting number of transfers, by airports, departure times or airlines. Go ahead and check ou t the 'Best prices' tab, with the most attractive offers or 'Cheapest flights +/- 3 days' – the more flexible you are with departure date the more useful this might be for you. This option of the search engine shows if there are better deals for cheap flights within a few days ahead or behind. Once the best offer fo you has been selected, check out how to book airline tickets.

  • Cheap flights – how to book them?

    How to book an airline ticket, is it difficult? No, it's very easy! Having selected the best offer of your flight ticket in the eSky search engine, click on the 'Select' button – give it a moment which the system is checking if the connection is still available and once that's confirmed, it will direct you to the website where flight details and information about the ticket booking process will be available to view. This is the moment when you can check options and consider buying travel insurance as well as see its costs.

    Finally it's time to enter the necessary information for the booking process: forname and surname (equivalent to your ID), gender, DOB, the number of checked baggage pieces. Select a payment method and provide details from the payment card. You can choose an online check-in option, which is additional and a small fee applies. Final moment when you click 'Book and pay' button seals the deal.

  • Cheap flights to Singapore and abroad

    There are additonal features offered by cheap airline search engines if low cost flights interest you. Esky search engine allow you to find a cheap hotel in your selected location, check out car rental service and book deals with your flight and hotel at the same time.

    It's worth checking the offers of cheap international flights available in the 'Deals' tab - it's the easiest way to find airline tickets from as little as $ 55. Additonally, you my select an option of ordering a transfer from an airport to your hotel and check the prices of the nearest car parks.

    The best thing about the cheap flights search engine is that it gives you an opportunity to find airline tickets available by various airlines, such as Singapore Airlines, Ryanair, Wizz Air, British Airways and many other carriers. It's also very handy to use flight radar.

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