How can I manage my fear of flying?

How can I manage  my fear of flying?


The stress that some people feel when traveling by plane usually begins to show up a few weeks before our flight is scheduled to leave. How can we handle this fear?

Let’s take a look at five easy ways to help you manage the fear of flying.

1. Learn more

Read about the check-in process and security check, as well as the details of your flight. Check the encyclopedia and learn why turbulence is a natural phenomenon. Knowledge of the details lets you imagine your entire journey before you set foot on the plane. The benefit? There won’t be any surprise situations causing you unnecessary additional stress. The more you know, the less you fear!

2. Make yourself comfortable

Get a good night’s sleep before your flight, and make sure to wear comfortable clothes on the plane. Drink plenty of fluids before and during your flight, but avoid drinks with caffeine (coffee, strong tea) and alcohol. Eat a light meal before take-off.

3. Get to the airport early

Get to the airport earlier than airlines recommend you to. Take a walk around the airport to feel its ‘vibe’.

4. Its better with company

If you have the possibility, travel with a friend or family member. Relaxing and easing the tension is easier when you can talk with someone close to you.

5. Be ready to relax!

Try to relax during your flight. Take your favorite book with you and listen to some chillout music. Airlines usually provide passengers with some entertainment, and it’s definitely worth checking out their audio-video offer. If you are traveling for holidays, just sit back and think about the wonderful time you will soon be having.


If the thought of flying makes you panic, you should consider seeing a doctor: a prescription for a gentle tranquilizer could help you get through the feelings you experience before take-off and during the flight itself.


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